World of Wad

To understand the world nowadays, you ‘need’ to be wired.

You ‘need’ email to communicate. You ‘need’ Facebook to keep up with your ‘friends’. And since January (yes it’s that precise), you ‘need’ to be Tweeting. Twitter’s been around for a long time now, but it’s seen a recent explosion in use. I’m using it, but still trying to work out precisely why.

I realise now I get the greatest value from reading blogs or analysis from others. They Tweet about their (deeper, more interesting) material to be found elsewhere.

So I might do that too. I can’t promise deep, or indeed interesting, material at the World of Wad. But I’ll give it a go. At least it will allow me to vent from time to time.

But what do I talk about?


9 thoughts on “World of Wad

  1. Hi Dave

    Mike here from World editing. Good to see you’ve joined us bloggers. If you want tips on what to write about here’s my blog, which also uses WordPress:

    I just write about the news and whatever takes me fancy. Twitter is also good for story ideas, particularly if you follow Graham Linehan (@Glinner)

    Enjoy yourself, whatever you write.

    • Thanks Mike. I’ve had a look at your site and it’s impressive. It must have taken a lot of work. Did you pay for your own domain?

      • Hiya. I paid for webspace and for the template, which means all I have to do is write a post as you would on any wordpress blog, tell the template where to put it and it’s all done automatically. Very handy, and only fifty quid. Everything else – the nifty audio player, the twitter sidebar – are either ‘plug-ins’ or ‘widgets’. Search WordPress for tons of these with full installation instructions.

        It really is very easy to add loads of functionality.

  2. I shall add your blog to google reader!
    Maybe the January thing was caused by newspaper articles quoting people from twitter. They seem to do this quite a lot now, especially with Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. Obama is also pretty famous for his twitter (it comes up second on google search) but he ha hasn’t really updated since he became president. Like facebook, so many people have it that eveyone else thinks it is the thing to have. I got it in March. Not many facebook (or real life friends) have it.
    What I wonder is why strangers add me. I have 20 friends so obviously not ‘high profile’ and these people who I have never heard of keep adding me?!?! I want to know how they found me in the first place, and what they thought was interesting. Seriously, how does one keep up with 1000 people never mind 1 million (ashton kutcher and cnn apparently are in a race to reach the mil milestone.

    • Yes I know what you mean. I think some people follow you in the hope you will then follow them. That would give them more followers! Others are just trying to spam you. I got followed by a conservatory company. But some people will be genuinely interested. My colleague Emma Thompson gets lots of followers – people thinking she might be the thespian as opposed to my fellow BBC footsoldier!

    • I think Twitter auto-adds ‘followers’ to your profile just to keep you interested. I mean, if you were on it for six months and didn’t get a single follower you’d leave right? Within a day of joining I was being followed by the Science Museum. Is it a co-incidence that I’d been to the Sciene Museum the previous week. Maybe. I was then followed by half a dozen people whose profiles had been ‘suspended’ for editorial reasons, so there was no way I could check if they were actually real or not. It’s just their way of keeping you ‘in the family’.

      Just don’t ever try to leave Evie, or you may wake up one day with worse than a horse’s head in your bed.

  3. Did you put your name down anywhere at the science museum, can’t believe they might have someone tracking down visitors to add to twitter.
    I can understand auto adding if the person has gone a few months with no activity but I see people with just 1 or 2 friends and they have been there a while. Besides auto adding would be on both sides, because they would have to pick someone to add you too – are they going to tell that person, so and so added you and vice versa. Its all a bit complicated for me, I think facebook is def more simple.
    Sigh life never use to be this complicated before social networking. So David this should be your next topic, is twitter actually a conspiracy???

    • I don’t think Twitter ‘auto-adds’, but it might be that Mike (roomybonce) twittered that he’d been to the Science Museum. The Science Museum might have picked that up (or indeed the word science) and automatically added him…

      • Well, yes I did twitter about the Science museum but that’s terrible if they’re monitoring global communications like that – get away from me, you buggersome boffins!

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