God’s Own Car limps on!

Despite his age (16) and his body of work (161,951 statute miles), God’s Own Car is bearing up well.

God's Own Car

We took him on a roadtrip over Easter (that’s what cars do, isn’t it?) to see a friend in Derby, and then our nephew Dean (and his mum and dad) in Banbury. A little over 300 miles in two days. Ok, in the past, I have been known to cover that distance in about five hours so maybe it’s not that impressive.

But God’s Own Car is getting old (car years are like dog years), and with his modest 1.4l petrol engine, the number of miles he had travelled when I bought him for £570 in 2003 (about 130,000) was already impressive. So maybe I ought to be concerned for his welfare. Of course, in a general sense, I am. But I wasn’t worried that he would refuse to take us to Derby, Banbury and back. And he coped with that admirably.

Dean Waddell, David's nephew

Dean Waddell, David's nephew

No, the most nerve-wracking journey I ever undertake in God’s Own Car is the third of a mile trek to Bedevinos MoT testing centre. I always wonder, is this the end? Somehow it never is.

Yesterday morning, he failed. One of the lights was out of alignment. £10 put that right, so I now have a fresh new pass certificate. Whoopie!

But there are £160 of advisory notices including slight corrosion in two places, two slight issues with the front suspension and an oil leak. There is also an issue with the offside front headlamp which – apparently – is “not in good working order, but light output not severely reduced”. This particular advisory has featured on my MoT certificate for the past four years, but when I query how much this might cost to resolve my question is dismissed with an incomprehensible mutter. More hassle than it’s worth, I suspect.

£160 seems a reasonable investment for God’s Own Car. A new Astra would depreciate this much in a matter of weeks, even assuming it had already experienced the initial driven-out-of-the-showroom hit in value. But I wonder how much would be too much to spend on repairs for such an old car?

The insurance for the year ahead will be £322.50. I always aim to check I will actually require insurance before going ahead with the quotations. And then my existing insurer gets the honour of the first call. They quoted £337.50, but said they might be able to offer a better price depending on rival quotes. I retort that if there’s a better price on offer, let’s hear it. Let’s hear their ‘best price’, then there will be no need for me to trouble them later on! So they knocked £15 off. As it was, their nearest competitor was well over £400, so I am still with Elephant, who I recommend.

It is a pleasure to be the custodian for God’s Own Car. But I wonder for how much longer? And will I forever resist that latent urge for a motorcycle?


4 thoughts on “God’s Own Car limps on!

  1. God’s own car soldiers on! Not sure if this post is indicative of muppetdom or worthy of kudos. But I did read it to the end.

    • God’s Own Car is worthy of kudus. Humble but enduring. Persistent in survival, like James Bond, but without the gadgets or sex appeal, and no ejector seat. I’ll leave you to be judge of whether your decision to read all the way through my post was indicative of muppetdom!

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