President Obama keeps a promise!

Well I’m not suggesting he wouldn’t keep a promise. Like every other politician, I expect he’ll keep all of them. But last night, in New York, he took his wife out for a night on the town, keeping a campaign promise to “take her to a Broadway show after it was all finished.”

They went for a meal at the Blue Hill restaurant and then watched the play Joe Turner’s Come and Gone, before flying back to Washington for… a good night’s sleep.

I don’t know who paid for this trip. I should imagine the restaurant and theatre bills weren’t covered by American taxpayers, but no doubt the security detail was.

Apparently Republicans are unhappy.  Some say Mr Obama was insensitive for jetting off for a night out while another iconic American company (GM) prepares for bankruptcy.

Ok, I understand the sentiment, but it was a promise and not an unreasonable one to keep. Of course, Mr Obama needs to show sensitivity to his citizens, but he didn’t create this mess, and why shouldn’t he treat his wife from time to time? A President and the “first family” make great sacrifices in return for the honour.  So they should, but family life is important too and I admire the commitment he has shown to them. They are important to him and they need to know this.

My wife and I try to have a “date night” once a week. It’s not always a night out in New York, or even in West End, but it’s quality time we carve out for each other. It’s challenging; we’re both busy people. I work shifts and she often counsels clients in the evenings. But somehow we manage it. It’s an idea we picked up on a course and it’s great to hear the Obamas follow a similar tradition.

Being President must place a phenomenal demand on anyone. Such a person needs to remain grounded, or who knows what could end up happening in the Oval Office! All the more important then for Mr Obama to schedule time for his wife and family, including Bo, the First Dog (another campaign promise).


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