I’m looking forward to this. I think Ryanair has a horrendous attitude towards its customers. There is plenty of room in the industry for new airlines but unfortunately each route would seem to have limited scope for competition.

It doesn’t seem reasonable to me that normal costs necessitated (for the vast majority of people) with flying are netted away from the actual price of the flight. The flight ‘prices’ are only so low because they don’t reflect the cost of the flight but depend on super-profit being generated by the fees on paying with a typical debit card or actually getting on the aircraft.

I wonder if the Competition Commission should consider imposing a rule that prices should as a minimum cover the cost of the product/service. It would have the effect of increasing Ryanair’s flight prices, but would also force their hand on other ridiculous costs.

There are certain costs which are basically part-and-parcel of providing flights to customers. Taxes and airport fees are among them. The fees due as a result of normal payment methods are also among them. They should be reflected in the cost of the flights. Even if they’re not reflected, it’s pretty clear that taking 120 people from London to Turin evidently can’t be done for £1.99 each. That ludicrous pricing policy needs to be changed.

When I buy a pint, the pub does not separately charge me for the glass to hold it in, the duty paid, the marketing costs of selling it and then a credit card fee. They may impose a minimum payment of £10, but implicit in that minimum is an acceptance that it is the pub and not the customer who will pay the fees.

I interviewed O’Leary once and asked him about customer satisfaction issues. He said Ryanair had the the lowest customer complaints of any major airline. What nonsense, surely? I expect most customers would not know how to complain such are the administrative barriers to doing so. I suspect the only way of doing so is via a premium rate phone line. Ryanair has no interest in customer satisfaction beyond the immediate impact on their turnover.

So I’m looking forward to watching Panorama on 12th October.


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