Zain’s Restaurant and Grill

by the Munching Mariner (published in East End Life, 11 July)

Zain’s is a reincarnation of The Milestone, next to Mile End station. The Munching Mariner enjoyed a meal there once but noted with surprise how quiet it seemed to be. Zain’s is Bengali-run with a very different theme to before.

Just seconds away from Mile End station

The menu is halal throughout. That means, as my Thirst Mate noted with eyebrows raised, no alcohol. There is an excellent selection of mocktails and milkshakes along with other soft drinks.

We opted for Snickers and Bounty milkshakes. They tasted wonderful, but a little warm for our liking and the waiter was happy to bring us ice.

My Thirst Mate ordered a chicken bhuna along with garlic naan bread. I selected the mixed grill and steamed rice. We also ordered dum aloo to share. That’s sweet and spicy new potatoes, fried in spices and tomatoes. The potatoes were cooked to perfection and the spice was nice.

My Thirst Mate’s chicken bhuna was tasty, but I should have left it well alone as I simply couldn’t find the space to finish my mixed grill. This was a selection of chicken tikka, lamb chops and sheek kebab which also came with a small side salad.

The waiting service was appropriately attentive. The front-of-house staff were obviously keen to please and quick to take care of our needs. Without prompting, our waiter offered to pack the remainder of my mixed grill to take home and it formed a welcome part of our meal at home the next day.

Zain’s is simply decorated with a red trim and dark wood. It is named after the four-year-old son of the owners, who claim to devote as much “care and effort into the preparation of food and service” as they do “into looking after Zain”.

Our meal came to £33.60 but there are savings to be made for students, NHS workers and lunchtime visitors.

Zain’s is at 588 Mile End Road, E3 4PH.  Telephone 8981 4100.


16 thoughts on “Zain’s Restaurant and Grill

  1. Went last Sunday in a group of 8 and had some of the best Indian food I’ve ever had. We had a wide range of dishes and everybody was more than happy with their choices veg & non veg. Great atmosphere as well, I’d definitely recommend the place. Service is excellent.

    In my experience zains is one of the best Indian restaurants in London. Or at least it certainly stands out as exceptional comparing to a row eateries in that segment of Mile End Road.

    The stylish modern interior design and large windows overlooking the street make this place appear attractive to a passer by. What really sets this place apart from other excellent Indian restaurants, however, is that much their cuisine is suitable to any person’s taste as the focus is mostly on the overall quality of the ingredients and their skillful preparation rather than just the spices. The sauces are great too though, if you want that kind of a meal.

    They offer a complete variety of top quality Indian food; however, the particular emphasis is on Grilled dishes. The Grilled Wings for starters and king prawn or any of the varieties of chicken & beef steaks for the mains were particularly good choices in my experience.

    Overall its outstanding. I would highly recommend this place for some brilliant Indian dining.

    • hey people. Zains is my aunties restaurant. promis. her eldest son is zain. also the restaurant is bengali. but i also prefer it as indian. thanks for yr comments pple.i will tell my auntie. My names is Naeem and u may see me sometimes not always.

  2. I visited Zain’s Yesterday with a few sisters…. The service was great and the food was Superb and when you ask them for a particular request they actually listen….

    Thank you keep it up!!

    Sugesstions: Please try to have a sisters section only – Bookings only


  3. Zain’s is great! The staff are very friendly and although it has great grills the vegetarian dishes are amazing. My girlfriend is vegetarian and its the only Indian/Bengali place she’ll eat in the area. Highly recommended.

  4. Zains was recommended to me by my sister and husband every time we have been had amazing food and staff are very friendly.takeaway is highly recommended too best Indian by far.

  5. i was wondering if it would be suitable to treat my husband there for our 3 year anniversary?? i have read a lot of good reviews also my sister has recommended.. any opinions???

    • hi

      why dont you give us a call and im sure we can make your day special, we have hosted for little private anniversary surprises, call on a friday or saterday and ask to speak to the female manager, id be more than happy to make your evening special.

  6. Me and my housemates have eaten at Zain’s regularly since it opened and have always been impressed with the food. By now I have tried many of their dishes though I usually have one of their curries. These are by far the best I have experienced in the east end, and indeed in London, a lot of attention has been paid to the flavor and spicing and they are more satisfying than the generic curries I have tasted in Brick Lane. The portions are good, especially with the steak and mixed grill dishes.

    The staff are friendly and personal and I have met the owners several times, they have always been welcoming and willing to talk. I have brought my aunt, parents and sisters here and they have all been impressed by the quality of the food (one travels from North London whenever she wants a decent curry) so I would definitely recommend Zain’s to anyone who is looking for a tasty, satisfying meal in a friendly environment.

  7. Went there on saturday for iftar. Im sorry to say this but i had half cooked chicken. I was able to see blood dripping. That completely put me off my food and i didnt eat anymore while all my cousins where eating away.

    Otherwise the service was perfect.

    • Dear customer,

      We apologise for your experience and we assure you that this is an EXTREMELY ISOLATED INCIDENT, we would request that you come and visit zains again so we may have the opportunity to serve you an enjoyable meal.

      If I recall correctly we did rectify the issue, and did not feel it reasonable to charge you for something you didn’t eat, also a message was passed to your friend (‘H’- APP GUY) inviting you to return.


      Zains management

  8. Hi i visited Zains once with my family and i have to say the food was superb, absoloutely loved it.. but i was wondering if you guys have a sheesha lounge i heard you do but is is able for 15 year olds to use it?

    • Hi there

      Many thanks for your kind words about the food, we hope tobe able to sere you and your family again.

      Unfortunately, Sheesh a is only permitted for 18 and over…..
      We take this very seriously, we only allow people over the age of 18yrs with a valid ID.


      Zains Management.

  9. Hi All,

    I am not usually one to spend time on the computer writing reviews but since my visit to Zains last night, I have forced myself to come on here to air my opinion. The service in this place was disgraceful!! I went there last night with a group of 15 and I can tell you not a single one of us will ever go back there and will make sure everyone knows how bad it was. Half the options on the menu were not available and thats just the start. We ordered 3 mango lassi and two of them were served at 20 min intervals. When the second glass came out the waiter left it and started to walk off when my friend stopped him to remind him that we ordered 3. He then turned around and said that unfortunately they have run out now. So he wouldn’t have even said anything if my friend didnt stop him. The milkshakes were NOT milkshakes, they could have easily been mistaken for a flavoured glass of milk rather than icecream in it. The COKE and I highlight COKE because what we received was ‘CHEAP COLA’! it was warm and flat.

    The food came out almost an hour later and even then not all of us got our food. 3 of my friends had to wait for over 20 minutes while they sat watching everyone else eat. The food was not even hot, just barely eatable warm. They took the orders for food and came back out alomost 15 minutes later to say they didnt have the fish that a couple of my friends ordered…15 minutes!!! and even then it was all bones! My sister and brother ordered the chicken curry which they said was really nice. Apart from those two dishes everything else tasted rank, verge of being cold, bland, even thought it was called ‘Spicy Chicken’. Honestly somebody needs to teach them what ‘Spicy’ means.

    The waiters were rude and huffing and puffing everytime anyone called them over to order a drink! Mind you there was NO ONE else in the whole restaurant. I am so disapointed with this place, food and service. The owner was mocking and just stood around lazing about drinking tea throughout, over hearing that we were not happy. Every 10 minutes somebody would come out of the kitchen to come and give us news that what ever we ordered wasnt available. Apparently they had run out of most things and Tandoori oven was not working. What I do not understand is they were called the day before by myself to make the booking, so they should have been prepared, especially as there was no one else there.

    Absoloutley disgusting! None of us will ever return again. My friend was planning to have a birthday meal there in two weeks time….I DONT THINK SO!!!

  10. Simply Excellent.
    excellent food and excellent service, best food i have tasted for a very long time and very reasonably priced, three friends and myself only cost £55. i will be going back…

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