Death to unbelievers!

Richard Curtis‘s new short film, “No Pressure”, to promote the 10:10 campaign, is fascinating; and more than a little disturbing.

The premise is that various groups of people are ‘encouraged’ to do their bit for the environment by scaling back their carbon emissions. The target is 10%, starting in 2010; the launch date is 10 October. Clever.

In the film, uncooperative types are put to death. Children are not exempt. No Pressure!

If I didn’t know better, I would assume it was a satire against climate change evangelism, much like Brass Eye targeted the news media a decade ago. “Paedogeddon” (2001), evidently wasn’t produced to promote paedophilia, but to satirise the media treatment of the issue. While it was controversial at the time, the underlying intention seemed clear.

“No Pressure” seems to be saying “do your bit or die.” I don’t doubt the intention is to tickle, but the joke is rather blunt, ultimately portraying certain individuals as worthy only of death for their unbelief. On the other hand, the climate change evangelists are fascistic. They would not look out of place in a Bond film stroking a white cat.

This is verily no satire. It was promoted by the 10:10 campaign as a genuine attempt to promote its message. The campaign has now recognised it “missed the mark.” It has withdrawn the film and apologised. I should think so!

10:10 aims to promote a valuable message. It ought to be heard. But I proffer that any organisation indulging in campaigning might need to consider its approach to strategic communication a little more carefully.


One thought on “Death to unbelievers!

  1. My first thought was that 10% is nothing, we need to do more…if we do nothing people will die (that’s not a threat). According to WWF: globally, people are using 25% more resources than the planet can replace!
    Having watched the film, I must admit I struggle to see the point being made with the red button and exploding people. The characters appear to not be bothered rather than resistant. What is he saying?
    In the meantime, why not try this

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