Camino – Puerto del Canario

by the Munching Mariner (published in East End Life, 31 October)

We had only been sat down a couple of minutes when my Thirst Mate exclaimed this was probably the funkiest Spanish restaurant she had ever been to. It was a Friday evening, which probably helped the atmosphere, along with the DJ spinning upbeat Latino riffs in the bar area.

The venue is divided in two, with a spacious bar partitioned from the restaurant area. There are two Fußball tables in the entrance area, well used by suited City Boys throughout the evening.

Our service was very friendly; we had the impression the staff enjoyed working there.

I ordered a Spanish beer and my Thirst Mate went for an Applejito, a mocktail with mint leaves and a dash of lime; no prizes for guessing the main fruit juice ingredient! We stayed well clear of The Big Guns wine menu where prices range from £38 per bottle to £640. There are cheaper wines available.

Our waiter topped up our tap water throughout the evening.

It took some time to ponder the tapas menu and eventually we saved a little effort by ordering the Embutidos y Queso platter (cured meats and cheese) along with three vegetable tapas.

As is the way with tapas, the food was laid out in front of us and we shared the dishes between us. We were very happy with all the food and found we’d left just enough space for dessert.

My Thirst Mate was delighted with her crème catalana, a Catalan, custard-based version of crème brûlée. I chose some ice cream (from Jude’s) with almonds and enjoyed it too.

We settled the bill (£54.16 including service) and retired to the bar for another drink. Camino is a great place to go for an evening out, but they also have impressive breakfast (Mon-Fri only) and brunch menus.

Camino is next to Canary Wharf Pier, at 28 Westferry Circus, E14 8RR. Telephone 020 7239 9077.


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