Is spam being canned?

In July, I was hacked off about the issue of spam and, in particular, that my email account was compromised by a nefarious rascal who wanted to relieve all my contacts of €1,200. To my knowledge, they failed.

I reported that, at the time, I was receiving about 40 spam messages a week. And I begged “someone… to do something about it.”

It seems they have done.

Spam stats

Global spam has been falling for several months. In early-August, there were up to 240 billion spam emails worldwide in a day. Now it is just under 50bn. That is still a lot, but represents an 80% fall in five months.

I’ve noticed a fall in my own spam traffic, by about 50%. It means I haven’t reaped the same rewards as the global average, but it is a significant improvement.

Caught by my spam filter in the past few days

I still have to put up with some of this junk. Some genuine emails get caught by my spam filter and some spam doesn’t. But better some improvement than none.

However, we must beware some of what we see on Facebook and Twitter. Spammers seem to be refocusing their efforts there. I am constantly being ‘followed’ by suspicious Tweeters or offered spurious applications on Facebook. Obviously, they are best avoided.

The experts are unsure whether the lull in spam traffic is permanent or temporary; they suspect the latter.

But I like to believe that “someone” visited the World of Wad on 23 July and took action. To you: thank you!


One thought on “Is spam being canned?

  1. “Anti-spam campaigns have enjoyed recent success in making life difficult for spammers, said Mr Wood” (of Symantec).

    I do my bit, reporting all my spam messages to the originating ISP using, and reporting the advertised websites to

    I only occasionally receive an acknowledgement stating that an account has been shut down, but trust that at least some reports lead to action somewhere.

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