Movember is over – thank you!

Movember (the month formerly known as November) is over. I spent 30 days cultivating a moustache to promote the cause of men’s health. I was motivated by the case of my father who was diagnosed with potentially terminal prostate cancer earlier this year.

Along the way I’ve been compared to a Mexican bandit, a Texan prison escapee, an Arizonan murderer, Yosemite Sam, Hulk Hogan, a Belgian(!) and “the type of guy who goes into the Oklahoma branch of McDonalds and shoots everyone!”

My apologies to any Mexicans, Americans or Belgians offended…

The end of Movember

The end of Movember

Thanks to many of you I raised £766 to fight prostate cancer. Among the sponsors, to my astonishment, two people I have never met (via Facebook and Twitter).

To all of you, thank you!

Some of you have asked about my father. He had a course of radiotherapy over the summer, and then a fresh PSA test a few weeks ago. The level was extremely low. With the caveat that PSA tests are notoriously unreliable, the result suggests his prostate cancer was virtually undetectable. We are heartened by this, of course, but we continue to pray for his health.


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