QTWTAIN – Has The Sun ditched Page 3?

It’s a question to which the answer is no.

Unlike some, I don’t think The Sun looks silly this morning. It’s great, if controversial, PR. It does seem to strike a big blow to it’s opponents, because it’s possibly now even more difficult for The Sun to back down than it was before.

But News UK looks somewhat ham-fisted in its corporate message control. The Times reported on Tuesday that:

The Sun will no longer feature topless models on page 3 after quietly dropping one of the most controversial traditions in British journalism.

The Sun and The Times are big rivals. I expect The Times has been played like the rest of us. The trouble is that The Times seems to have been used by The Sun as a tool to kickstart this story and drive it forward as one of the key talking points of the week.

Page 3 - still there

Many outlets have egg on their collective faces this week. None more so than The Times, and by extension, News UK, which also owns The Sun.

Rupert Murdoch has been hinting for some time that he might like to do away with the lewd content on Page 3. Perhaps the paper’s editor has more power/independence than we sometimes suppose.


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