Comments policy

The World of Wad tackles a range of subjects: some personal, some political, some restaurant reviews and many others. I hope my posts will resonate with some, but if all my views are platitudes, that no-one in full sanity could challenge, then I have failed. I want to provoke challenge.

I appreciate comments in response to my posts; I am often encouraged by them. If you agree with me, I get a warm glow. But I don’t blog for that. I welcome debate and and if you disagree with me, please chip in.

I approve all genuine comments. But there are four house rules:

  1. Please focus on the content of my posts or other comments. Don’t go off  on a tangent.
  2. If you want to direct readers to your own blog or another link, please ensure your comment includes a contribution to the debate.
  3. Please don’t use obscene language including blasphemy and sexual swear words.
  4. Don’t get personal. I will tolerate this if the comments are directed at me, but not if they are directed at other users. Personal attacks are rarely helpful.

Comments which break the house rules won’t be published or will be later withdrawn. If you see inappropriate comments, please let me know. If you feel I have broken my own house rules, please also let me know. I am not perfect. Sometimes my arguments need correcting and sometimes I need correcting!

Most comments are approved within a few hours although there are times this isn’t possible. If I’ve missed yours, please get in touch.

Best wishes,

David Waddell